Polygard is the outcome of most modern research for a reliable inexpensive and easy method to shield the existing concrete roofs and other structures from dampness and leakage. Polygard is a single component, ready to use dark brown phenolic polymer based leak proofing compound. This can withstand temperature up to 120C and so affords total and complete leak proofing in all weather fluctuations. Resins specially made by us for Polygard improve adhesion and prevent peeling. Polygard is highly impervious to even chemical and saline corrosion.

Polygard is a flexible coating which copes with extreme stress and strain of expansion and contraction. Its special composition of binder plasticizer and minerals makes it the first choice for waterproofing of new building.

Polygard has excellent and chemical adhesive properties and forms a film over the treated surface on drying. At the same time, it allows the substrate to breathe normally. The coating seals all hairline cracks and porous openings and prevents permeation of water or water vapour. By virtue of its composition, Polygard can adapt itself to all weather conditions. Polygard is leak proofing compound containing three dimensional polymer network of phenol formaldehyde type with built elastic properties.





Today wood is the mainstay of interior decorators, architects, builders and carpenters for making furniture and other wooden structures. Building a house, extension, fence, deck, garden, jetty, houseboats – in fact anything can make using wood or wood based materials. But make sure that it is protected against rot, insects, termites and marine borers.

PolyXgard is the most revolutionary environmentally safe protective coating on the market today. Our premium blends of natural oil & resins are designed to penetrate and bond, forming a durable and protective Phenolic Polymer finish. It is an inside coat for wooden structures. PolyXgard is a water repellent wood preservative that proved for protection against termites, beetles and other insects.

PolyXgard protects the wood from dampness,thus guard against wood softness and swell, which may cause wood to warp, split & crack. Persistent moisture exposure creates ripe conditions for the growth of Mildew, Algae & other fungal organisms that feed on wood, eventually spreading across and termites & other wood boring insects attracted to wood for a food source causing ultimate wood rot and decay.



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