Features of Polygard

A modern product for today’s exacting standards.

Polygard is a flexible coating which copes with extreme stress and strain of expansion and contraction. Its special composition of binder plasticizer and minerals makes it the first choice for waterproofing of old and new building.

Excellent mechanical and chemical properties

Polygard has excellent mechanical and chemical adhesive properties and forms a film over the treated surface on drying. At the same time, it allows the substrate to breathe normally. The coating seals all hairline cracks and porous openings and prevents permeation of water or water vapour. By virtue of its composition, Polygard can adapt itself to all weather conditions.

Protects from environmental pollutions

Polygard offers excellent resistance to chemical abrasions in areas of high pollution

Prevents fungi, retards fire and heat

Polygard has a powerful mould and bacteria resisting agents to prevent the growth and accumulation of fungi and algae, which can erode roof surfaces. Polygard also contains minerals to make it an excellent fire and heat retardant.


Unlike the traditional bitumen-based products, Polygard gives long years of effective waterproofing.



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