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  • Polygard is suitable for the water proofing of new surfaces as well as for the repairs of old surfaces, whether previously treated or not.

    Polygard is suitable for roof slabs, terraces, balconies, sun shades, parapet walls, etc…

    Polygard can be used as leak proofing material for RCC roof of existing building, joints of sunshades, exteriors of wall exposed and joints of concrete slabs, basements etc.........


    1. Examine minutely the surface that needs to be leak proofed. Remove all kinds of dust, fungus and plaster flakes.
    2. Special care to be taken to ensure that there are no cracks. Clean the surface with a hard wire brush, and if any cracks are found it should be cleared well. Give three coatings of Polygard in the cracks. First of all, fill the cracks with Polygard, secondly plaster over with Polygard and then give third coating of Polygard.
    3. It is safer to fill the cracks of more than 2mm concrete with a mixture of Polygard and grey cement. The mixture shall be in the proportion - Polygard: Grey cement, 1 Lt: 200 grams. Fill the cracks with mixture using a putty blade.
    4. Do not use water to clean the surface. The surface should be totally moisture free.
    5.  The surface should to be leak proofed especially wall joint has to be rough. Smooth surface must be chipped using a chisel, otherwise the coating may come off.
    6. Stir Polygard in the container to obtain a uniform paste. Add a little thinner in case the mixture in the tin appears thick. As far as possible try to avoid adding thinner. Do not thin down by adding any solvent to the material. After use, keep the container tightly closed.
    7. Since the Polygard mixture is extra thick, it is advisable to apply it on the surface with a putty blade and then do the finishing with a 4” paint brush to obtain a continuous coating.
    8. Apply Polygard on the inside of the walls adjoining the parapet of the roof to give a 6” skirting all around to prevent water penetrating through the joints.
    9. Polygard has been prepared using the slow setting technology. Hence, it seeps into wall crevices and makes the surface 100% leak proof.
    10. Use the zebra line method for applying Polygard on the surface with the brush. Since the surface has to be brushed 5 or 6 times repeatedly it would be better to leave spaces and cover them by the next coating. This method will ensure complete protection.
    11. Sloping surfaces are to be given at least 10 brushing using the zebra line method.
    12. Use 1 Lt. Polygard to cover 12-15 sq. ft. area, using it over larger areas will not ensure long term protection.
    13. Block all water outlets before applying Polygard coating. Keep the Polygard coated surface dry at least 3 hours.
    14. Do not use the surface for at least five days after application of Polygard. Do not use sharp objects or drag heavy material on the surface.
    15. You can paint or plaster on a Polygard coated surface. Polygard coating can be given to slopping roofs before covering with tiles this ensures protection from leak in future.
    16. Clean the brush with mineral turpentine and wipe dry.
    17. Give Polygard coating for all concrete buildings and forget about leak.


Use Polygard for toilets and bathroom joints of buildings, especially for multi storied flats under construction and avoid leakage in future.


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