Polygard is the first Phenolic Polymer product, containing three dimensional network of phenolic polymer resin for water proofing concrete structures. The unique formula was developed by the well known scientist Dr. O. G. B. Nambiar and with his technical support Shiv Polymer Products was established as a small scale industrial unit at Vengad, Kannur District, Kerala State, India in 1992 to produce Polygard in large-scale.
At the outset, Polygard was marketed in Kannur, Calicut and Wayand Districts of Kerala state only. As Phenolic Polymer water proofing products were not yet introduced onto the market then and for its proven effectiveness in water proofing against leakage and dampness of concrete structures, Polygard became a sought after brand in a very short span.
The growing demand for Polygard in building products market zone encouraged us to make it available throughout the state and our decision proved right when Polygard became the No: 1 Phenolic Polymer leak proofing compound in south India. PolyXgard is the new product launched by Shiv Polymer Products, a company in expansion mode under the guidance of the Chief Executive Mrs. V. R. Rema.


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